Lists of ideas

Lists of ideas

I start my writing process with lists of ideas which stay with me till the end. They are a kind of inventory of my wishes, of all those moments, instances, concepts and ideas I want to shoot. Initially they might be chaotic and unconnected but as I go along, I tidy them up and they make narrative sense. When a written scene doesnt prompt me to filming it, I go back to the lists and go through them until such time when I find an idea that allows me to improve a scene, make it more visual or add some details.

The working documents for the film include lists of

[at this stage the characters are still mentioned by their real names: Carla, Salvador, Paca (the parents)]

  • - Games
  • - Carla and the rough times/mourning
  • - Carla’s dark side
  • - Show Carla’s distrust
  • - Dangers girls together
  • - Stories for dialogue
  • - Summer
  • - Education
  • -Carla giving her new parents a hard time (conflict)
  • -Salvador – Paca relationship
  • -Add Salvador – Paca fight
  • -Adults’ mourning
  • -Scenes parents alone
  • -Context
  • -Other
  • -Repeats
  • -Mama’s feedback

Notes to enhance summery feeling

Lists to enhance summery feeling. 


  • - Underline heat and mugginess
  • - Add a summer storm
  • - Uncomfortable, humid climate
  • - Long naps
  • - Boredom
  • - Bees, ants, flies, mosquitoes.
  • - Despondence. Lack of energy.
  • - Fans! (as in ventilators)



This is a list of ideas about everyday conversations which the characters, both children and adults, could maintain. Some have been included in the film. Like all my lists it grew as I went on writing the script which is when I become aware of all that surrounds me. I observe the small gestures of my family, people in general out there, in the streets, I listen to conversations, in one word, I search. It’s a fine time because I feel and live life with more attention.

Some sentences and ideas along the film, i.e.: “This daughter of mine was always a bit of an unknown quantity”, Eat lots of fruit from Bom Bom Chip band, “you’ve got to drink milk”, gossip at the butcher’s, eat flies (spiders here) while you sleep.

Estiu 1993: Creation process