Forest sequence and unedited sequence

Forest sequence and unedited sequence

In block 10, the document concerning itself with visuals opened with the scene where Frida finds her broken doll, an event which up to an extent, compels Frida to take Anna to the forest and leave her there. The doll sequence was shot and stayed in an early editing version. Later on, however, Carla Simon and Ana Pfaff (editor), decided to do away with the causality of the narrative - the broken doll somehow justified the abandoning in the forest- to reinforce Frida’s inner, emotional tension.

During the editing they decided on an alternative order of the scenes. 1) First, when playing, Anna suggests Frida to make a phone call to her mother and Frida goes ahead but gets no answer. 2) Frida alone, watching the cows. This is a “stolen” image which was shot while preparing another scene: it’s an introspective moment which reinforces both, the previous and the subsequent scenes. Anna calls Frida (voice over) so they can keep playing. 3) This is where the forest sequence takes place.

In that way, when Frida hides her new sister in the forest, there is a rather deeper, more existential feeling than that of merely reacting against Anna for having broken her doll (that’s what the script suggested and the way it was filmed and edited initially).



Frames of the sequence where Frida found her broken doll, not included in the film and order of the initial editing
Pages of the document concerning itself with visuals where the doll and the forest sequences are detailed

10. FRIDA HIDES ANNA - SCENE 39 - 53. Frida finds her broken doll and hides Anna. Marga gets very angry and Esteve calms her down.

Final editing sequences [48’]

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