Tone. Some songs

Tone. Some songs

‘While I wrote the script, I often listened to Vashti Bunyan and Jackson C. Frank. I like sharing songs with the team because it helps to find the tone of the film.

 In 'Mother' –one of the songs I most listened to- Vashti tells that sometimes a mother may dance in the intimacy of her bedroom unaware of the fact that her daughter -the person who is actually singing in the first person- is observing her.

  • My mother would dance sometimes
  • Believing herself alone
  • But through a slightly open door
  • I would watch her as she turned


I found this song utterly moving. The lyrics portrayed a simple yet profound picture which touched me deeply. I remember wishing I’d do something similar with my film. Later on we requested the rights of ‘Train Song’, another of her songs, and we were able to include it in a scene of the film where a daughter watches her mother through a door left ajar.’

'Mother' by Vashti Bunyan
'Train song' by Vashti Bunyan in the film [8']

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