Carla’s (Frida) Diary. First treatment

Carla’s (Frida) Diary. First treatment

In summer 2014 Carla Simon deals with the first treatment of the film in accordance with the Berlinale Script Station. It’s a 12 pp. document in English.

I decided to write this first treatment in the first person, as if it were my own childhood diary. It was very interesting since it allowed me to delve in the mind of a 6-year old. I was able to meditate about what Frida understood and didnt and, more importantly, about what she felt at every single moment. It was the first step towards depicting the emotional journey of the main actor.

At this stage of the proceedings the characters still maintain their real names: Carla, Paca (the mother, to become Marga), Salvador (the father, Esteve), Berta (Anna, the sister). It’s really moving to identify the film which is here told in the first person, particularly the paragraph at the end of which the transcription follows.

DAY 12

"Tomorrow we’ll start the school. It’s a bit strange, I’ll meet a lot of new people, but I’m quite excited. I hope we’ll start finding our routine, Paca says while we prepare my bag with all the schoolbooks.

In the evening, my sister and I have a bath together. My mother comes in and lets us put our nightgowns for the first time. We’re thrilled, and we jump on our parents’ bed while Salvador throws us pillows. But suddenly, without prior notice, I start crying… And cry, and cry, and cry… Inconsolably… I don’t know what happens, I tell Salvador and Paca. I realize that for the first time since my mum die, I’m crying. I pass my tears onto my family. Berta, Salvador, Paca and I sit on the bed, crying together… I guess I understood that I’m not here only for the holidays, I’m here forever… It won’t be easy to adapt, but at least I have a place where I can be loved."

First two pages of the diary treatment. Days 1, 2 and 3 (partial)
Last two pages of the diary treatment. Days 10 (partial), 11 and 12

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